Mind Health Subscription Service

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A unique Mind Health Subscription Service for children aged 6-11, for only £19.95 each month!

What is it?

Magical Mega Minds Subscription Service giving children their MAGIC WAND to access their Magical Mega Mind!

Each month you will receive online access containing everything you need to learn techniques on:

  • Month 1: The Power Of The Mind
  • Month 2: The language in which we speak to ourselves
  • Month 3: How we talk to others
  • Month 4: Negative Emotions
  • Month 5: How we respond to situations
  • Month 6: How to outsmart anxiety
  • Month 7: Living your life with a grateful heart
  • Month 8: Happiness
  • Month 9: Fun
  • Month 10: Meditation & being present in every moment
  • Month 11: Confidence & Belief
  • Month 12: Goal setting

What do you receive?

You will receive personal log in details to Magical Mega Minds Online Hub where there will be short fun animated videos. Grace and Alfie are our characters telling a story for the theme that month.

Monthly videos from Claire Lou Robinson our NLP Coach explaining each month’s theme, coaching on that subject and explanation on the easy, FUN, life changing tasks.

Also in our Magical Mega Minds Hub you receive FUN task sheets on PDF's which can be printed at home.

You will receive access to Magical Mega Minds App with the above videos, meditation audios, positive reminders, affirmations, local event details.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of excellence, it is the language in which we communicate to ourselves and others. 

It was developed by Richard Brandler in 1970's and gives the children in your life a set of tools and techniques to understand they are in control of what they think, how they feel and how they respond to situations.

Changing what children think and how they think can dramatically change their life!

A unique service providing a monthly subscription box delivered through your door every month for only £19.95.
Month 1 Subscription Service
Subscribe to Magical Mega Minds Monthly for £19.95

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6 Month Subscription Service
Subscribe to Magical Mega Minds for 6 months £99.75 

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12 Month Subscription Service
Subscribe to Magical Mega Minds for 12 months £199.50

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