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We now have a team who are able to visit and deliver our workshops into Primary Schools. 

This is a much needed service that we are looking forward to rolling out in North East Schools.


To give children the tools to understand the power of their mind using NLP techniques. All children need to understand they are in control of how they think, feel and respond to situations.

No child needs to run anxiety throught their body so we will show them how to outsmart anxiety.


Claire Lou Robinson and Emma Brough will visit schools to deliver four 45 minute sessions to primary school pupils. These sessions will be delivered one week apart over a one month period.

These sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the Power Of The Mind
  • Negative thoughts
  • The language in which we speak to ourselves and others
  • How to outsmart anxiety
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Being present in every moment
  • Confidence, belief
  • Fun

How do I book my school in for sessions?

Please contact Claire & Joanne to find out more and book your school sessions now

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Workshops in the Newcastle and South Shields!

Join us with your children aged 6-11 to learn about the above subjects.

£22.15 for one adult and child, refreshments included.

Go onto Eventbrite, type in Magical Mega Minds to find our next workshop dates near you.