Joanne Meade

Joanne Meade has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and now has a number of successful businesses. She has a busy family life too, and is proud and grateful to have a wonderful husband, 4 amazing children and their family dog Indy.
Having recently employed her own personal coaches (Claire Lou Robinson being one of them), Joanne realised how much her life had been transformed for the good.  The reason for employing the coaches initially was for them to help her see how she could tap in to her true potential, grow in her business and home life, delete bad habits that were no longer serving her, and begin to really understand the potential of what life had to offer her and her family and enjoy the ride fully!
After having met Claire at a weekly networking event.  Joanne was so excited by her own personal growth and development through the simple new daily tasks she was learning and encouraging her kids to do, she thought, this should be offered to all children at a much younger age so they can learn these amazing skills early on and create amazing, exciting, fun lives for themselves.  As Claire was of exactly the same mind set and was keen to get into schools and offer workshops for Children, it became obvious why the Universe had thrown them together and Magical Mega Minds was born.
Joanne and Claire are so excited to take you on this Magical journey and look forward to hearing your own amazing personal growth journeys and stories.