Claire Lou Robinson

Claire Lou Robinson is a Lifestyle Coach, NLP Coach, NLP & Timeline Practitioner helping people live a happy, positive life they love.

Claire is married to Richard and has a little boy Tommy who is three. Claire has practiced NLP language on Tommy all his life and it's wonderful to see the results - a happy, positive little boy who understands he is in control of what he thinks, how he feels and how he responds to situations.

Claire's background was in B&Q for 16 years where she held various Regional/Divisional positions. She loved her roles but felt she had more of a purpose in life to help others.

Claire has has an online health & wellness business and has a passion for helping people with gut health. The gut mind connection is fascinating, if you gut isn't functioning neither will your mind and vice versa.

Claire created Empowering Women May 2018 which is a North East healthy brunch network where ladies come together to support each other in business.

This is where she began to see so many women struggling with mind health.

Claire has practiced NLP herself for 16 years and lived a happy, positive life on the back of this so decided to become qualified in NLP November 2018 so she could help others find their unconditional happiness from within.

In the last 12 months, Claire has helped dozens of men and women overcome suicidal thoughts, depression, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and trauma's to name just a few.

Claire was really keen to disrupt this mental health crisis in children as it simply can't continue. No child need to suffer with any mind health issues.

With NLP every child can undertand the power of their mind and live their BEST life and this is where Magical Mega Minds was born.

Any questions about anything, feel free to email Claire